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The North American End Device Registration Authority ANSI C12.19 / IEEE P1377, Utility Industry End Device Data Tables and ANSI C12.22 / IEEE P1703, Protocol for Interfacing to Data Communication Networks

In support of ANSI C12.19-2008 / IEEE P1377-2010 / MC1219-2010, "Utility Industry End Device Data Tables"
ANSI C12.22-2008 / IEEE P1703-2010 / MC1222-2010, "Protocol for Interfacing to Data Communication Networks".

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General Interest Documents Relevant to the
ANSI/IEEE/MC Standards
Document Name
Richard D. Tucker, P.E.
Technical Report  
The SmartGrid is largely a software project with the alignment needed of the millions of Distribution and Transmission devices to the communications standards appropriate for their partition requirements. Data availability necessary for Grid Operations’ control of generation, transmission, distribution and consumer loads requires “End to End” communications which is practically impossible given today’s circumstances. This technical report covers the appropriate communication standards that may be applicable in the different partitions of the electric power grid.
Dr. Avydgor Moise & Richard Tucker, P.E.
A presentation that compares and contrasts the two main reference models that use the concept of protocol layering; \
  1. The Open System Interconnection Model (OSI)
  2. The Transport Control Protocol /Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
It explains how C12.22-2012 / IEEE Std 1703™ / MC12.22-2013 fit on top of OSI transport layer (4) or the TCP/IP and UDP/IP transport layers in accordance and its relation to IETF RFC 6142.
Dr. Aaron Snyder & M.T. Garrison Stuber
Technical Report  
For ten years, the utility industry has been using optical port communications, defined by ANSI C12.18, and telephone modem communications, defined by ANSI C12.21, to get metering data, defined by ANSI C12.19, from the field to the back office.
Ed Beroset, Director, Elster Electricity
Technical Report  
Where does interoperability exist?
Dr. Avydgor Moise
Technical Report  
The ANSI C12.22 standard [1] provides a set of application layer messaging services that are applicable for the enterprise and End Device components of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for the SmartGrid.
Dr. Avydgor Moise
This is a summary document proposing that Industry establish and operate the C12.19 End-device Class and C12.22 ApTitle registries.

Objectives addressed and/or introduced:

The concept is to use a “Table Description Language”, TDL, and an “End-device Description Language”, “EDL”, using XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) and XML-Schema to describe the end device (meter) state, configuration, standard extensions, operating limits, defaults sets, data structures, operating limits and their interpretation. The Registrar, on behalf of the industry and the Standards bodies, shall validate and assign device class identifiers. This complementary activity shall provide a common framework for end device description. The Registrar shall also manage the assignment of ApTitles groups.


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